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Our Partners
Sincere Thanks to our Vets and Cooperating Humane Organizations.


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Alley Cat Allies is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.

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Some of Our Stories



No,  we can't do it alone in our Greater Boston North communities. The need is too great. The animals need all of us and more.  Our sincere thanks to our humane veterinarians who are invaluable partners in animal welfare who have helped us throughout the years.

Dr. Olga Iglikova and Revere Pet Clinic

Dr. David Dunn and North Shore Animal Hospital, Lynn

Dr. Arthur Freedman and Hawthorne Animal Health Care

Dr. Deborah Brady, MRFRS Catmobile

And to the humane organizations who have helped us and the animals in need in our communities; and to all of you, supporters who believe in our Mission.

Without the help of our Partners; the following rescues may not have happened!

Pacino was found by good Samaritan Maria in East Boston who alerted us to a thin, badly wounded cat who had come to her house to eat.  Rumor had it that this cat came from Suffolk Downs Race Track in Revere and was wandering to eat between Suffolk Downs, Maria's house and the Orient Heights Dunkin Donuts. We  didn't know if he was a stray or a feral cat  and was wearing a collar with ID.   Maria's dad called the number listed and the people who showed up could not afford to  care for him.   This little guy's head and both shoulders were sliced in shreds.  We didn't know whether it was from a barbed wire fence, a hawk, a coyote or how it happened.  We knew he needed our help and would have to be quarantined for 6 months (state law).  After he was trapped, MassPAWS brought him to their vet at the Revere Pet Clinic  where he received over 60 sutures to close his wounds.   The day after his  initial surgery, his paw blew up with an unseen wound that had abscessed . . . he had surgery again.

The staff called him Scarface.  After 2 surgeries, drains for his wounds, TLC and lots of antibiotics, Scarface showed his gratitude by head-butting  staff and using his paws to reach out and to play.  He was named "Pacino", after the legendary character in the movie Scarface. Pacino is now recuperating, resting, playing, grooming himself, and eating up a storm regaining weight. He is very handsome with a shiny coat and has a great playful demeanor. . . we thought him worthy of the name.

We are thrilled that Bryson has been adopted! Many thanks to Ocean View Kennel for boarding Bryson and providing extra special care and play time!

Lulu:   After being unclaimed for 10 days, MassPAWS rescued Lulu from the local pound.   A victim of breed discrimination, "Pit Bulls" aren't even a breed, often identified with DNA testing as being a mix of several breeds.  Breed specific legislation was deemed illegal in Massachusetts in 1998. Lulu, like many of the unclaimed dogs MassPAWS has rescued from pounds, was a very sweet dog who got  along well with children, people, and other dogs. She did not know how to play, was not leash trained, was not spayed and was confused & frightened (we can only guess at how she lived before being picked up from the street).

Lulu received veterinary attention, training, re-socialization and was a great ambassador for mixed breed rescue dogs.  In November, Lulu  was featured in the Boston Herald at the 'Alpo Chop House Grill' event in Boston which  MassPAWS participated in. Lulu is now living in New Hampshire with people who care for her and who love her very much.    
Cyrus:  This little dog  was not the typical candidate for most shelters to put the seal of approval on as an ADOPTABLE dog.   We saw the diamond in the rough and the potential for him to be in a loving home;  we are committed to these dogs!  After all he must have been in a home for the years prior to his impoundment? Right?  We often wonder the circumstances that lead a dog of Cyrus’ age 10/12 to end up in the pound.  Did his owner die, go into a nursing home?  We may never know the answer to that question.

In addition to the neglect of his coat and grooming, Cyrus also had severe dental issues and was NOT neutered.  It was determined that he really did still have his testicles but they were in the abdomen! Complicated surgery, indeed.  These are two things that are remedied more easily at a younger age, but a senior animal must be determined, via blood work, to be healthy enough to survive anesthesia and a long surgery.

Cyrus was cleared and Dr. Dunn of North Shore Animal Hospital w/the assistance of a Veterinary student, performed the surgeries on Cyrus.  Eight of his teeth needed extraction and he would have abdominal  sutures.  I remember thinking how painful that must be, but what a relief to be rid of the damaged and rotting teeth that can lead to major infection!  He must have been in pain for some time.  One of the staff at the pound was kind enough to give him his haircut/shave and his foster mom barely recognized him when she went to pick him up.  His recovery was nothing less than remarkable and he came into his foster home with a wagging tail and happy gait.  The word was put out that Cyrus was a sensational senior and would make a fabulous companion. 

Cyrus’ before and after photos pretty much
tell the tale of rags
 to riches when it comes to his journey from the pound to foster care and  finally adoption.

We received information from another volunteer that there was a senior that wanted to adopt Cyrus.  Her nephew arranged all the necessary paperwork and they were cleared for adoption.  The happy human senior and Cyrus are a match and they are loving life together.  Seniors helping seniors . . . what could be better!  Take a moment and reflect on the fact that many of our senior shelter animals are overlooked and the fact of the matter is many are healthy and only need the minimal care of feeding and housing and yearly vet visits.  The love that is returned is priceless .

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